Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Dangerous Woman Brenda

Financial crimes against elderly people

Has anyone ever heard of Brenda Groffo? She lied to my dad about fake surgeries and has taken my dad for a lot of money. I don't know what other elderly people she has done, but she needs to be stopped and turned into the police.

Financial Scams Against Elderly

My dad met her online through a dating service. My dad is 86 years and is lonely. I believe she is a professional sweetheart swindlers or sweetheart scammer. She blocks her phone numbers, and my dad cannot call her. What woman, who is probably 25 years of age would date a man who is 86 years of age? She is a liar about everything she has told my dad. 

There are young professionals that are Sweetheart scam elderly. My dad being conned in a relationship went through a financial scam. 

I hired a private detective and found out she has 10 phone numbers, 2 social security numbers, and the list goes on. Do not trust this woman. 

If you know anything about this woman, please contact me at tracimorin7@gmail.com.